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Mindmap Details Page

Download (870 kB):  


Marketese: Mindmaps are structured the same way as the mind is working. It is excellent to structure the process when getting new ideas, structuring the minutes from chaotic meetings, collecting notes and headlines from textbooks, etc.

The mindmap is a great way to prepare the manuscript for a presentation. You prepare yourself by writing the mindmap and rehearse. When talking, you just think of what is placed where on the paper, and you may be able to remember everything with no need to look at the paper.

Get Started: Copy the program to a folder on your computer, for example Program Files\Mindman. Start the program with a double click. You may create a shortcut, which can be placed on the Desktop.

Simple Rules:

  1. Insert a new branch with the Insert button
  2. Delete an existing branch including sub-structure with the Delete button
  3. Edit an existing text with the F2 button
  4. Jump to the centre with the Esc button and navigate with arrows up, down, left, and right


Left part of the Instruction Mindmap


Remove Branches with the Mouse:

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Copy: Ctrl + C
  2. Cut: Ctrl + X
  3. Insert: Ctrl + V
  4. Undo: Ctrl + Z

The disadvantage of using the keyboard is, that there is no active point after the action. You may jump to the centre with the Esc button.

You may add an arrow from one point to another.

Print and Export: There exist various ways to set up print. I mostly let the program scale the print on a single page in landscape orientation

You can export complete branches from the program to Notepad. In that way it is possible to start a draft of a document in the mindmap. Afterwards, you copy the notes and use them for headlines in Word or Powerpoint


Right part of the Instruction Mindmap


Further downloads: Here are two files to be used with the program:

(8 kB). This instruction as a mindmap


(7 kB). For larger amounts of text, for example headlines from a textbook


Mindmap Template


I like this old version; it is lean and very stable.