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Ebbe's Sudoku Solver Detail Page

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Here is a useful Excel spreadsheet for anybody who has problems with Sudoku.

Excel image

General Instructions

  1. Open the file as read-only - then the Solution Area is unspoiled when you open the file next time
  2. Enter the problem in the Problem Area
  3. Enter the green, single proposals from the Proposals Area into the Solution Area
  4. If it is a difficult problem the spreadsheet cannot produce single proposals during all steps. Any Sudoku game has only one solution, so keep on trying till you find it.
  5. Whenever you make a choice between two proposals, make a note and be preparet to regret.
  6. If a cell in the proposals area show an error "##" then regret: Go back and change one of your choices.
  7. Enjoy yourself!

The Proposals Area

This Excel file is checking your solution and can provide hints for the solution if there are only one or two possible digits in a square: