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Unleashing the Killer App – Digital Strategies for Market Dominance
Authors' Statement

Part 1: Digital Strategy
Chapter 1: The Killer App
1.2: Is There a Strategy in the House?
1.3: The Killer App through History
1.4: The Digital Age of Anxiety
1.5: Moore Is Less, and More
1.6: Metcalfe’s Useful Equation
1.7: The Law of Disruption, or Second-order Effects
1.8: The Internet as Primordial Soup
1.9: Killer Apps, Take Two
Chapter 2: The New Economics
2.2: Ronald Coase’s Journey
2.3: Transaction Costs, or The Unnatural Nature of the Firm
2.4: Blown to Bits
2.5: The Law in Operation Today
2.5.1: Mergers and Acquisitions
2.5.2: Disintermediation and Disaggregation
2.5.3: Outsourcing and Downsizing
2.6: Bits as Public Goods
2.7: The New Firm: Rebuilding with Bits
2.8: Information Assets
2.9: Old Coase, New Coase; Old Public Goods, New Public Goods
Chapter 3: Digital Strategy
3.2: The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning
3.3: The Practice of Digital Strategy
3.4: Time Frame
3.5: The New Forces
3.5.1: Digitization
3.5.2: Globalization
3.5.3: Deregulation
3.6: The Forces in Operation
3.7: Caution: Value Chains under Extreme Pressure
3.8: Strategy’s Dirty Little Secret

Part 2: Designing the Killer App
Chapter 4: Reshaping the Landscape
4.2: Outsource to the Customer
4.2.1: The Customer Is the Best Customer Service Representative
4.2.2: The Customer Is the Best Product Developer
4.3: Cannibalize Your Markets
4.3.1: The Stumbling Information Business
4.3.2: A Wholesale Cannibal
4.4: Treat Each Customer as a Market Segment of One
4.4.1: The Appearance of Personal
4.4.2: An Emerging Model in Public Utilities: The Gateway Proposition
4.5: Create Communities of Value
4.5.1: On-Line Services Enable, but Do Not Create, Communities
4.5.2: Communities and Brands
4.5.3: Business-to-Business Communities
4.6: Summary
Chapter 5: Building New Connections
5.2: Replacing Rude Interfaces with Learning Interfaces
5.2.1: It Can Only Get Better
5.2.2: Eliminating Customer Sacrifice
5.3: Ensure Continuity for the Customer, Not Yourself
5.3.1: Don’t Project Your Hang-Ups into Cyberspace
5.3.2: Evolving Interfaces Smooth the Transition
5.4: Give Away as Much Information as You Can
5.4.1: The Decline of Switching Costs
5.4.2: Dying with Their Boots On
5.4.3: Giving Away the Store
5.5: Structure Every Transaction as a Joint Venture
5.5.1: Davids versus Goliaths
5.5.2: Partnership Portfolio Management
5.6: Summary
Chapter 6: Redefining the Interior
6.2: Treat Your Assets as Liabilities
6.2.1: The Reincarnation of Printers
6.2.2: The Threat to Heavy Industry
6.3: Destroy Your Value Chain
6.3.1: . . . Or Someone Else Will
6.3.2: Death of the Middleman
6.4: Manage Innovation as a Portfolio of Options
6.4.1: The Story of Lotus Notes
6.5: Hire the Children
6.6: Summary

Part 3: Unleashing the Killer App
Chapter 7: Digital Strategy in Practice
7.2: Two Giants, Two Missions, One Approach
7.3: Tapping the Vein of Gold
7.4: Rethinking Strategy at McDonald’s
7.5: Hosting a Meeting of Minds at VEBA
7.6: Gold on the Floor
7.7: Lessons Learned From Practice
Chapter 8: Redefine the Problem
8.2: There Is No Strategy without Technology
8.3: The Do-It-Yourself Retail Exchange
8.4: Technology Alignment
8.5: Technology Radars
8.6: Feeding the Pipeline
8.7: Kicking the Tires
8.8: Technology Partnerships
8.9: The CEO Agenda
Chapter 9: The New Operating Model
9.2: Just Do It
9.3: Explore Continuously
9.4: Creating the Space
9.5: Turning on a Bit
9.6: Unleashing the Power of Communications
Chapter 10: Lighting Out for the Territories
Appendix: World Wide Web Addresses

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