Paul Simon's
Paul Simon Frankfurt 2002

That's Me

ŠPaul Simon, released on Surprise, 2006


Well I'll just skip the boring parts chapters one, two, three

And get to the place where you can read my face and my biography


Here I am, I'm eleven months old, dangling from my daddy's knee

There I go, it's my graduation

I'm picking up a bogus degree

That's me

Early me. That's me


Well I never cared much for the money

And money never cared for me

I was more like a land-locked sailor

Searching for the emerald sea

Just searching for the emerald sea, boys, searching for the sea


Oh my God

First love opens like a flower

A black bear running through the forest light holds me in her sight and her


But tricky skies, your eyes are true

The future is beauty and sorrow

Still, I wish that we could run away and live the life we used to

If just for tonight and tomorrow


I am walking up the face of the mountain

Counting every step I climb

Remembering the names of the constellations

Forgotten is a long, long time

That's me

I'm in the valley of twilight

Now I'm on the continental shelf

That's me

I'm answering a question I am asking of myself