Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover

Get Up

Ray Davies, released on Misfits, © Davray Music Ltd. 1978


Here's a song for all the little men, who get forgotten

Trodden time and time again

Here's a message for the little guy, don't let this situation pass you by

You're in the middle while the big mouths fight

You get it from the left and the right, ain't it crazy


So get out of your easy chairs, we've got a lot to do out there

Well ain't we

Good's gone bad but right is wrong and I don't know which side I'm on lately


Get up from the down you are in

Come out of your homes and let's see your faces

Get up out of your easy chairs, get up and show 'em that you're there

Get up it's your one salvation

Wise up to the situation


Somebody gotta get up and shout

Somebody gotta give us some clout

You're the ones to make it all work out

It all depends on you


Get up off your arses men

Don't let 'em think you're getting lazy

Get up out of your easy chairs

We gotta lot to do out there, well ain't we

Get up, Get up, Get up,

Get up, Get up, Get up