Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover


Ray Davies, released on Phobia, © Davray Music Ltd. 1993


Everybody got something hidden

In a darkness deep inside

Everybody gotta fatal flaw

Everybody got something to hide

Take a look into my eyes

See the fear and silent cries - phobia

Deep inside, take another look at it - phobia

Everybody got a phobia

Take another look, what you got - phobia

There are alleyways of your psyche

That have gotta be analyzed

Psychological penetration

Of the fear you cannot hide

There's a key to a door to be opened

And I wanna take a look inside

And in the darkest shadow of your mind

What you gonna find?



Out under a technicolor ray

It all disappears on a bright, sunny day

But even on a crowded street

Somebody you might meet

Might trigger a repeat of phobia

Strikes again, fear of fire and being buried alive

Dizzy heights, wire coat hangers

Things that crawl and go bump in the night - phobia

Fear of germs

Creepy crawlies that make you squirm - phobia

Images of long ago, memories that you hardly know

A minor childhood incident

Triggering something deep below

Spiders' webs and black cats

Cockroaches and sewer rats

Full moons and witches hats

Creepy crawlies, vampire bats - phobia

I'm talking about phobia


Crowded rooms, too many faces

Suffocation, open spaces

Everybody gotta weird sensation

That they wanna keep trapped inside

Maybe it's a sexual deviation

Hiding beneath a respectable guise

If you are of this persuasion

There is just one explanation - phobia

Started out a long time ago - phobia

When you were small you may have seen a sight

But you were too young to know - phobia

What you got - phobia

Everybody got phobia, what you got - phobia

Everybody got phobia, take another look, what you got?

Everybody got phobia, what you got?