Ray Davies's
Working Man's Café cover

Uncle Son

Ray Davies, released on Muswell Hillbillies, © Davray Music Ltd. 1971


He was just a workin' man,

Simple rules and simple plans,

Fancy words he didn't understand,

He loved with his heart,

He worked with his hands.


Liberals dream of equal rights,

Conservatives live in a world gone by,

Socialists preach of a promised land,

But old uncle son, was an ordinary man.


Bless you uncle son,

They won't forget you, when the revolution comes.


Unionists tell you when to strike,

Generals tell you when to fight,

Preachers tell you wrong from right,

They'll feed you when you're born,

And use you all your life.


Bless you uncle son,

They won't forget you when the revolution comes.