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Izmir Streetlife

Izmir is a town in the Western Turkey placed around a bay. There are three million inhabitants. I happened to visit the town in wintertime.

Where do you come from?

In the Gümüspala quarter I met these boys. They knew one sentence in English: "Where do you come from?" I told them I come from Denmark. Then they asked: "Where do you come from?"

Crossing the bay

Many people commute across the bay. A ticket cost less than one euro.


I met a horse walking around in the Semikler neighbourhood

Kitchy coach

It may be the same horse here? Karsiyaka at night.

Pedestrian zone without room for pedestrians

Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi 1

This is from Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi, a pedestrian zone in central Alsancak. The parked, white car is blocking the pedestrians' way. The motorbike arrived from the pedestrian zone.

Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi 2

You must pay respect for the cars, because they won't wait for you. The drivers use the horn to keep pedestrians away.

Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi 3

Here is a motor scooter arriving from the pedestrian zone. It must also wait.

Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi 4

Now it continues into the pedestrian zone

Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi 5

The most annoying mopeds are electrical like the blue one here. They are very quick and completely noiseless. They are often driven by boys aged 14 or 15 years, and they drive under your elbows!

Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi 6

The white van was too slow, so now it must wait for the moped

Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi 7

These two death-defying ladies walked out in front of the white car so it had to stop.

Pedestrians in the street

People prefer walking on the road instead of on the pavement because the pavement is full of obstacles

Obstacle Obstacle

Why is this cabinet placed in the middle of the pavement?

Take care not to get your feet caught here!


Brothers A girl, photo by Dilek Topaloglu

Three brothers

A girl, photo by Dilek Topaloglu

Salesman Salesman


Saxophone player Salesmen

Saxophone player


In Konak From the market

In Konak

Salesman at the market in Semikler

Flour for the baker Flour for the baker

Flour for a baker in the bazaar, 50 kilogrammes at a time


At the bay

Don't lean out!


A view from Bayrakli to Karsiyaka


The bazaar on a Sunday

The photographer strolling along, photo by Dilek Topaloglu

The photographer strolling along, photo by Dilek Topaloglu