I am fascinated by the beauty of the old doors. That is the reason for most of the motives in the collection of doors are older doors and windows. An old door sheds light on long-term use and maintenance - and perhaps even decay.

I aim to show the many variations of doors that was a sign of the local carpenters' skills before the present industrialization. Many of the images stem from the centre of medieval towns. Other images are from the quarters near railway stations mainly built 1870-1900.

Photo 27393: White facade of fisherman's shed

A door leading to a house tells about the life of the people living and working in that house - here from Lild Strand, Denmark. Link to the collection of stock photos: Photo 27393: White facade of fisherman's shed

I am not fond of plastic windows and doors. Plastic windows are affordable, and they are much more comfortable in wintertime than decayed, single-glass windows.

But if you buy new, industrially produced plastic doors and windows for your old house, you abandon all of your local building tradition. The plastic material demands larger dimensions around the glass so that plastic windows are easy to recognize. Further:


Wooden window

The real thing

Plastic window

The plastic version

In Eastern Europe a lot of buildings will have plastic windows mounted these years. For the less nice buildings it will be an advantage - but I fear that it will be plastic anywhere.

Baltysk, Russia

Flats with new, white plastic windows in Baltysk, Russia. Link to the collection of stock photos: Photo 12790: Facade with black door and 23 windows

Grafitti starts in the small, and suddenly it is a plague that has contaminated all of the neighbourhood. It may be tags only, or it may be true pieces of art that other artists in turn cover with their tags.



Here is the creator

Grafitti cleaning up

Here is the man cleaning up

Piece of art from Barcelona, Spain

Photo 02178: Painting of brown,
panelled double door with fan light

Vilnius, Lithuania

Making photographs of doors provides an opportunity to meet friendly people all over the world. Here, the photographer is in good company in Vilnius, Lithuania