Island-Hopping in the Mediterranean

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The best café by the nicest harbour: I once spent two months sailing from island to island in the Mediterranean. I wanted to find the best café by the nicest harbour. I succeeded, and I found at least five places with good cafés - and I am sure that you may find other good cafés.

The contradictory criteria:

And the result is:

  1. Malta: A café on the south side of Birgu Harbour, Valetta
  2. Malta: A café on the north side of Marsaxlokk Harbour
  3. Crete: Cafés at the Venetian Port in Khania
  4. Mikonos: Cafés at the Old Port
  5. Ibiza: Cafés at the south side of the Old Port

The route from east to west. Google Maps.

The route:



  1. I prefer to find hotels or hostels online, for example on Google Maps. Then I go to the hotel and check the state of the reception. Tidy? Not looking too expensive? Then I ask if they have a vacant room.
  2. I avoid services like because they block direct communication with the landlord so that it is difficult to receive an answer or complain
  3. However, if most hotels are fully booked or I expect to arrive late in the evening, then it is an advantage to use, etc., to find a vacant bed

Cell phone and broadband:


Malta is a strange country, in short "Blond Catholics speaking Arabic". The island was conquered by the Norman crusaders around year 1100. It was a British colony from 1814 and became independent in 1964. There are still many Nordic remains: the blond hair, the first name Roger, the family name Borg, etc. There are also many British traces: Left-hand driving, British plugs, red telephone boxes, etc. The island is the best example of British Mediterranean architecture with yellow sandstone to be seen everywhere. There is so much tourism that there are nearly no Maltese inhabitants in the tiny capital Valetta.

An vast cruise ship entering Valetta's Grand Harbour heading for the shipyard. Fort St. Angelo to the right and Birgu Harbour behind that.

Senglea Waterfront seen from the Maritime Museum

Yellow sandstone everywhere

You need to keep everything well maintained!

Inside Fort St. Angelo

The most beautiful garden with plants and a fountain in the shadows. Officers' garden at Fort St. Angelo, the building dated 1530.

Marsaxlokk Harbour

Marsaxlokk is a town in the southern part of Malta, 12 kilometres from Valetta. Google Maps.

Marsaxlokk Harbour with Malta Freeport to be seen in the distance

North side of Marsaxlokk Harbour, one of my favourite cafés

Birgu Harbour

South side of Birgu Harbour, another of my favourite cafés

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