Southern Sojourn

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Below are sections on Run-Down Businesses and Wrecked Cars.

Americans do not use fences or hedges, so the surroundings of the house will easily look messy. Russellville, Arkansas.

And some Americans like to have old cars around the house. Ozark Mountains, Arkansas.

When a house burns or collapses, you move out, but don't tear the house down. Clarksdale, Mississippi.

A burnt house and two burnt cars. Cotton Plant, Arkansas.

When you build a brick wall around the house, make sure it is attached to the walls! Clarksdale, Mississippi

Dawson, Georgia. On the tree is a sign: "Private Property".

Lambert, Mississippi. At the entrance there is a sign: "No trespassing".

Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Mountainair, New Mexico.

Zuni, New Mexico

Andrews, South Carolina

Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Foss, Oklahoma.

Along the highway through Lambert, Mississippi, there are four gas stations. Only one is in operation. The others are still standing - they have not been torn down.

A closed gas station near Roanoke, Virginia. The fuel pump has been removed and is next to the house. Why hasn't the price tag been removed as well?

Route 66 in McLean, Texas, lost all through traffic when Interstate 40 was built in 1966. This motel has apparently been vacant ever since. A sign with "Texas Motel, Clean Restaurant, TV" is still there.

Route 66, Shamrock, Texas.

Helena, Arkansas.

"Central Garage" is located in downtown Plymouth, North Carolina. The building has been demolished, but the walls are still standing. It is symbolic of the whole center of Plymouth, because all the shops have moved to the bypass and the center is an empty shell.

The history of American society does not go back that far, and there are many buildings that have disappeared because they were not built to last.

Maybe that's why Americans decorate their surroundings with old car wrecks? The rusty cars remind me of Albania, where worn out Mercedes cars are scattered everywhere.

Terlingua, Texas.

The "Cars 4 Life" auto repair shop in Cotton Plant, Arkansas with a three-wheeled Cadillac Brougham in front. Despite the workshop's name, the car will probably never come to life.

Dodge truck, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas.

Texola, Oklahoma.

Casa Blanca Trading Post, Grants, New Mexico

Ozark Mountains, Arkansas.

Ozark Mountains, Arkansas.

Ozark Mountains, Arkansas.

Hereford, Texas.

Helena, Arkansas.

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