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Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lennon/McCartney, Paul Simon, Ray Davies, Björn Afzelius, C.V. Jørgensen, Steffen Brandt & Lars Lilholt

Papers on economics, organization & IT

Five papers that I have written as part of my studies:

  1. Friis and Zennström's success with Kazaa and Skype (2006)
  2. Political power play in the Jason Bourne Films
  3. Business Life in Diagon Alley
  4. The Technostructre versus Gareth Morgan, etc.
Short papers on economics and IT
  1. Schumpeter was mistaken about owners of stagecoaches
  2. IBM fighting the Plug-Compatible Manufacturers 1967-1972
  3. Huge Systems - and why users perceive them as complicated
  4. Spoken recommendations, please!, etc.
Source texts on economics and politics

British flag Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations - 1776

German flag Karl Marx: Die Deutsche Ideologie - 1845-1846

Danish flag Jesper Hoffmeyer: Økologiske Produktivkræfter, 1977

Krushchev's secret speech 1956
hammer star stalin hammer star krushchev hammer star

Nikita Krushchev's story of how Stalin turned the communist revolution into a cult of the person and murdered millions of followers and opponents.

Languages: Russian flag Русский, British flag English, German flag Deutsch, French flag Français, Italian flag Italiano, Norwegian flag Norsk, Danish flag Dansk

Unrelated items

A selection of unrelated, and possibly quite pointless texts in numerous languages. The common denominator is that they are not related:

British flag Alice in Wonderland, Danish flag De nåede færgen / They Caught the Ferry, French Words in Turkish Flag Turkish, Romanian Flag Letter to a Romanian Ministry, Danish flag Fritz Jürgensens tegninger, Nelly Ehrenreichs erindringer

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