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Blue doors

1,900 Singer-songwriter lyrics indexed

Leonard Cohen
Björn Afzelius
C.V. Jørgensen

Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lennon/McCartney, Paul Simon, Ray Davies, Björn Afzelius, C.V. Jørgensen, Steffen Brandt & Lars Lilholt


Papers on economics, organization & IT

Five papers that I have written as part of my studies:


Source texts on economics and politics

British flag Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations - 1776

German flag Karl Marx: Die Deutsche Ideologie - 1845-1846

Danish flag Jesper Hoffmeyer: Økologiske Produktivkræfter, 1977


Short papers on economics and it

Schumpeter was mistaken about owners of stagecoaches

IBM fighting the Plug-Compatible Manufacturers 1967-1972

Huge Systems - and why users perceive them as complicated

Spoken recommendations, please!

Valg af danske domænenavne

Grøntsagsproduktion i Szentes, Ungarn, 1986


Krushchev's secret speech 1956

hammer star stalin hammer star krushchev hammer star

Nikita Krushchev's story of how Stalin turned the communist revolution into a cult of the person and murdered millions of followers and opponents.

Here in seven language versions with notes: English, Русский, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Norsk, Dansk.


Five photo reports, 11 photo series

Robert Capa's photo from Sperlinga, Sicily
Izmir streetlife
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