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Photo Gallery

Lagazuòi Sunset, 30 photos

Lagazuòi Sunset

Houses, 46 photos


Assistens kirkegård, Assistens Cemetery, Copenhagen, 57 photos

Assistens kirkegård

Gothic Barcelona, 56 photos

Gothic Barcelona

See photos

Gaudi's Barcelona

See photos

Smolensk, Russia, 1995

See photos

Romania and Hungary, 1986

See photos


See photos


See photos

Salten Langsø

Østjyske landskaber - East Jutland Landscapes

Østjyske landskaber

See photos

Romania and Hungary, 1986

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

South Luangwa National Park

Photos by Hans Munk 1951-1953

Photos by Hans Munk 1951-1953

Papers on Economics, Organization, IT, etc.

UK Flag "I'm on my own side now" said Jason Bourne - or: Internal Power Plays in CIA as seen in the Jason Bourne Films, 2009 - PDF  

UK Flag Why were Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström successful with Kazaa and Skype? - Dissertation, 2006 - PDF

UK Flag Business Life in Diagon Alley - The Weasley twins as Schumpeter entrepreneurs in the Harry Potter books 1-6, 2006 - PDF

UK Flag The Technostructure versus Morgan's Metaphors - Applied Theories of Galbraith, Mintzberg, and Gareth Morgan, 2006 - PDF

Russian flag Бухгалтерский учет и управление экономикой фермерского хозяйства - 1995 - PDF // Russian & English - PDF // English - PDF

Danish flag Dansk landbrug i det politisk styrede marked - Dissertation, 1987 - PDF

Shorter papers

UK Flag Schumpeter was mistaken about the owners of stagecoaches - The East European minibus entrepreneurs defeat the railway monopolies

UK Flag LinkedIn recommendations are not trustworthy - Join the LinkedIn group "Spoken recommendations, please!", if you agree.

UK Flag Huge Systems - and why users perceive them as complicated. Test conference presentation, 2007

UK Flag IBM fighting the Plug-Compatible Manufacturers - The Marketing Story of the IBM Series 360, 1967-1972

UK Flag How to Edit Long Texts for HTML - Tools for Conversion, etc.

Danish flag Valg af danske domænenavne - How to select a Danish domain name, with an English summary

Danish flag Grøntsagsproduktion i Szentes, Ungarn - Report on production of vegetables in Szentes, Hungary, 1986

Travel, music, photo series, linguistics, etc.

Romanian flag De ce au voie camioanele romanesti sa circule cu viteza maxima in sate? - Why are Romanian trucks allowed to drive at maximum speed in villages?   New

Danish flag Transsylvanien tur/retur - report from a motorcycle trip to Romania 1982

UK Flag Balkan Tunes by Ebbe Munk - Scores and links to Youtube videos

UK Flag Izmir Streetlife - Photos from Izmir, Turkey: Pedestrians, portraits, and ragpickers

UK Flag Robert Capa's battlefields revisited - Photos from Sicily and Warsaw

UK Flag What's around your neck, Nikon or Canon? - Photographers as the camera producers' unpaid sandwichmen. With photos from Venice.

Turkish Flag Sinema - garson - randevu - French words in Turkish

Hungarian Flag Dansk-ungarsk ordbog - Dán-magyar szotár - Danish-Hungarian dictionary, 1982 - PDF

Danish flag Købmagergade er Københavns bredeste cykelsti! - Fotografier / Photos of Copenhagen cyclists

Danish flag De nåede færgen - Fotografier fra ruten - Carl Th. Dreyers film - Novelle - They Caught the Ferry - Photos from Locations, Film, etc., 2010

Source Texts on Economics, etc.

UK Flag Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations - 1776 - PDF

UK Flag Downes and Mui: Unleashing the Killer App - 1998 - PDF

German flag Karl Marx: Die Deutsche Ideologie - 1846-1848 - PDF

Danish flag Jesper Hoffmeyer: Økologiske Produktivkræfter, 1977 - Med nyt forord til web-udgaven, 2000 - PDF

Source texts on other topics

UK Flag Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll with drawings by John Tenniel

Danish flag Alice i Eventyrland og Bag Spejlet og hvad Alice fandt der af Lewis Carroll

Danish flag Fritz Jürgensen: Tegninger - Drawings 1840-1860 - English Summary

Danish flag Luxus-Nielsen - Artikel fra Bo Bedre 1967

Free Downloads

Freeware for Windows computers - Ebbe's Excel Files - Mindman Personal Mindmap - Kaptajn Kaper - Badday video - CDex Audio Tool - EICAR Anti-Virus Test Files

Links to Free Downloads Elsewhere - Xenu's Link Checker - Iron browser - Safari - Mozilla - Opera - Open Office - Ace FTP - Comodo Firewall - IZArc Zip - Musescore

Shareware - EditPlus HTML Editor - WordToWeb Converter

Singer-Songwriter Lyrics with Complete Index

UK Flag Lennon/McCartney's Lyrics: 161 songs

UK Flag Ray Davies' Lyrics: 339 songs from the Kinks and Solo Albums

U.S. flag Bob Dylan's Lyrics: 403 songs

U.S. flag Paul Simon's Lyrics: 171 songs

Canadian flag Leonard Cohen's Lyrics: 109 songs

Swedish flag Björn Afzelius' texter: 134 sånger på svenska

Danish flag C.V. Jørgensens tekster: 128 sange incl. bevingede ord

Danish flag Lars Lilholts tekster: 211 sange incl. links til bogen "Hvor kommer sangene fra?"

Danish flag Steffen Brandts tekster til TV-2: 264 sange incl. links til bogen "Liv og Lys"

Lyrics with complete index: I have collected my favourite singer-songwriters' songs, indexed and converted from Word to HTML. All collections contain links to: All Albums - All Songs - All Lines - All Words - All Names - All Places - Notes in English

Krushchev's Secret Speech

Russian flag О культе личности и его последствиях - тов. Хрущева Н. С. - Примечания

Danish flag Khrustsjovs hemmelige tale - Om personkulten og dens følger - Noter

German flag Die Geheimrede Chruschtschows - Über den Personenkult - Noten

UK Flag Krushchev's Secret Speech - The Cult of the Person - Notes

French Flag Rapport secret de Khrouchtchev - Le culte de la personnalité - Annotations

Italian Flag Il Rapporto Krusciov - Il Culto della Personalità - Noti

Norwegian flag Krusjtsjovs hemmelige tale - Persondyrkelsen og dens følger - Noter

Here are seven language versions of Nikita Krushchev's secret report to the 20th congress of the communist party of the Soviet Union 1956. It is the story of how Stalin turned the communist revolution into a cult of the person and murdered millions of followers and opponents. I want the world to know, so if you have a translation in another language I would like to publish it!

Link to my other websites

UK Flag www.doorphoto.com offers stock photos of doors and windows

Danish flag www.akustisk-elektrisk.dk fortæller om vores tomands-orkester og tilbyder MP3-filer til download

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