Bob Dylan's
Bob Dylan and Suze

To Be Alone with You

To be alone with you

Just you and me

Now won't you tell me true

Ain't that the way it oughta be?

To hold each other tight

The whole night through

Ev'rything is always right

When I'm alone with you.


To be alone with you

At the close of the day

With only you in view

While evening slips away

It only goes to show

That while life's pleasures be few

The only one I know

Is when I'm alone with you.


They say that nighttime is the right time

To be with the one you love

Too many thoughts get in the way in the day

But you're always what I'm thinkin' of

I wish the night were here

Bringin' me all of your charms

When only you are near

To hold me in your arms.


I'll always thank the Lord

When my working day's through

I get my sweet reward

To be alone with you.


Copyright 1969; renewed 1997 Dwarf Music

First release: Nashville Skyline, 1969