The Beatles in Paris

Notes on the Lennon/McCartney Lyrics

I have collected and indexed these lyrics because I love them. Beatles songs have been part of my life at least since my aunt and uncle gave me the Ticket To Ride single for my 10 years' birthday.

As I worked with this material I was surprised to find that many of the classic songs were not published on LPs, only as single records, for example I Want To Hold Your Hand, She Loves You, I Feel Fine, Day Tripper, We Can Work It Out, Paperback Writer, and Rain.

Paul and John composing

Paul McCartney and John Lennon composing "I Saw Her Standing There" in Paul's living-room in Forthlin Road, Liverpool, November 1962. They only noted the text, never the chords. Photo by Mike McCartney.

You can hear which of the two is the primary composer of a song by listening to the records. The primary composer is usually also the lead singer.



The 161 songs contain 27,271 words.

After conversion in WordToWeb and sorting with Regular Expressions, there remained:

I omitted links to the 100 most frequent words, which were: you, I, the, to, me, a, and, in, love, Be, My, know, it, that, All, I'm, is, She, of, your, on, It's, Don't, So, her, can, for, Do, when, yeah, Oh, With, But, I'll, what, Say, get, girl, want, see, got, if, will, back, Let, come, down, no, like, Time, you're, she's, was, I've, man, We, right, can't, why, now, Ah, tell, up, good, need, never, home, Just, baby, One, Go, He, there, make, said, better, day, Have, out, well, way, little, take, gonna, How, Yes, going, na, at, his, long, not, Think, Only, mind, night, They, are, been, Where.

Omitted Songs

I have chosen only to work with the 161 songs published by John Lennon and Paul McCartney 1962-1970, not with the other songs performed by The Beatles: