Business Life in Diagon Alley
Harry Potter books 1-6
Hogwarts Shield


Business Life in Diagon Alley
1.a Problem
1.b Hypotheses
1.c Delimitations
1.d Definitions
1.e Design of the Examination
2. Applied Theories
2.a Adam Smith's Theory
2.b Joseph Schumpeter's Theory
2.c Knowledge Economy Theory, etc.
3. The Story of the Harry Potter Series
3.a What is not described?
3.b Economic Extract, etc.
3.c Business Life around the Harry Potter Series
4. Business Life in Diagon Alley
4.a Small-scale Business as a General Rule
4.b Traces of Large-scale Business
4.c Traces of Political Intervention into the Market
4.d Business Life in the Muggle World
4.e Analysis of the Business Life in the Magical World
5. The Weasley Twins as Entrepreneurs
5.a Fred and George's Strategy
5.b Financial Troubles
5.c Product Development and Marketing
5.d Leaving Full-time Education
5.e Success and Further Plans
5.f Fred and George's Product Range
5.g SWOT Diagram for Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes
5.h Analysis of the Weasley Twins as Entrepreneurs
6. How to Describe Business Life?
7. Judging the Hypotheses
7.b Considerations of Validity
8. Sources
8.a Harry Potter Books
8.b Other Books
8.c Internet Sites
9. Appendixes
9.a Books, Chapters, and Page Numbers
9.b List of Characters
9.c Countries and Nationalities Mentioned
9.d Note on Tobacco, Alcohol, etc.
9.e Storytelling as Marketing for Film No. 5