The Beatles in Paris

All Lines

So he waits behind
So hold me tight
So how could I dance with another
So I hope you see that I
So I lit a fire
So I looked around
So I sing a song of love for
So I sing a song of love
so I want to be a paperback writer
So I will ask you once again
So I will disappear
so I'll follow the sun
So I'm telling you, my friend
So let it out and let it in
So let me see your smile again
so many years
So may I introduce to you
so one day he walked into town
So please listen to me if you want to stay mine
so please, love me do
So we sailed up to the sun
So why on earth should I moan
So won't you please home
So you might as well resign yourself to me
So, oh I never realized what I kiss could be
Some are dead and some are living
Some day when we're dreaming
Some day you'll know I was the one
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
Some kind of happiness is
Some kind of innocence is
Some kind of solitude is
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
Somebody needs to know the time
Somebody new
Somebody spoke and I went into a dream
someday I'm gonna make her mine
Someday when I'm lonely
Someday when we're dreaming
somehow I will know
Someone is speaking, but she doesn't know he's there
Someone like you
Someone to love
Something inside that was always denied for
something special when you smile
Son won't you please come home
Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
Soon we'll be away from here
sound of music as she flies
Sounds of laughter shades of life
Speaking words of wisdom
spending someone's hard earned pay
Spread the word and be like be
Spread the word and you'll be free
Spread the work I'm thinking of
Standing alone at the top of the stairs
Standing by a parking meter
Standing in the dock at Southampton
Standing on the cast iron shore, yeah
standing solo in the sun
start to weigh you down
stating point of view
Stay in bed, float up stream
Step on the gas and wipe that tear away
Stepping outside she is free
still a chance that they will see
Still you don't regret a single day
Strawberry fields forever
Such a dirty old man
Such a mean old man
Suddenly someone is there at the turnstile
Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be
Sunday morning creeping like a nun
Sunday mornings, go for a ride
Sunday's on the phone to Monday
Surrender to the void
swaying daisies sing
Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman
T. T. Tee, Now honey pie
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance
Take a drink from his special cup
Take a good look you're bound to see
take a sad song and make it better
Take is easy
Take it easy
Take me to you daddy's farm
take Ob-la-di-bla-da
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
Take you today
Take your time, don't hurry
Takes him out to look at the Queen
Takes it back to Molly waiting at the door
Taking my time
Talking in our beds for a week
Teacher gets annoyed
Tell me I'm the only one
Tell me oh, what can I do
Tell me oh, what can I do?
Tell me tell me come on tell me the answer
Tell me tell me tell me the answer
Tell me that you love me baby
Tell me that you want those kind of things
Tell me what and I'll apologize
Tell me what you see
Tell me why you cried
Tell me why (2)
Tell me, oh, what can I do
ten somersets he'll undertake on solid ground
than any other guy
than to be with another man
Than to break my heart again
Thank you girl for lovin' me the way that you do
Thank you girl
That a man must break his back
That before too long
That boy isn't good for you
That boy took my love away
That boy won't be happy
that grow so incredibly high
That her baby buys her things you know
That I know that I, I, I, I
That I would love everything that you do
That I'll get you
That I've been good
That if I run away from you
That ignorance and hate
That is all you need
that is I think I disagree
That is I think it's not too bad
That is you can't, you know, tune in
that it really only goes to show
That just holding hands
that leads to your door
That love is all
that makes the news of the world
that money just can't buy
that pain would lead to pleasure
that she keeps in a jar by the door
that stretches out ahead
that the rain washed away
that the singers going to sing a some
That the word is just the way
that was a hit before your mother was born
that was my pay
that was so hard to find
that weren't important yesterday
That when I tell you that I love you, oh
that when it rains and shines
that when it starts to rain
That you and me were meant to be
That you are part of everything
That you may see
that you would love me more than her
that you would want me to
that's a lie
That's all I do
that's all I want to say
That's the end'a little girl
That's the kind of love that is too good to be true
the act you've know for all these years
The band begins at ten to six
The black cloud crossed my mind
The celebrated Mr. K
The children asked him if to kill was not a sin
The clouds will be a daisy chain
the deeper you go
The Duchess of Kircaldy always smiling
The duke was having problems with a message
The eagle picks my eye
The English army had just won the war
The fool on the hill
The girl that's driving me mad is going away, yeah, oh
The girl that's driving me mad is going away
The girl with kaleidoscope eyes
The Hendersons will all be there
The Hendersons will dance and sing
The higher you fly
The judge does not agree, and he tells them so-o-o-o
The King of Marigold was in the kitchen
The King was in the garden picking flowers
The kiss my lover brings
the lies that I
The lips I am missing
the little children laugh at him behind his back
The long and winding road
The magical mystery tour
The man in the crowd with the
The man in the mac said
The man of a thousand voices
The man with the foolish grin
the many ways I've tried
The meaning of within
The men from the press
The minute you let her under your skin
The movement you need is on your shoulder
The newspapers said
The one and only Billy Shears
The only difference
The other day I saw you
The queen was in the parlor playing piano
The queen was in the playroom painting pictures
The same old way
The sun is up the sky is blue
The teachers that taught me weren't cool
the things you do
the things you've said
the touch of the velvet hand
The walrus is Paul
The way things are going
The wild and windy night
The wind is low the birds will sing
the words you want to hear
The world is treatin' me bad
The world is treating me bad
The world was waiting just for you
The worm he licks my bone
The you begin to make it better
their production will be second to none
Then I find I've got the number wrong
Then I will remember
Then we lie beneath a shady tree
Then we will remember
Then we'll have some fun when you're mine
Then you can begin to make it better
Then you can start to make it better
Then you decide to take a walk by the old school
then you're in town
There are places I remember
There beneath the blue suburban skies
there I will go
there is no one compares with you
There is nothing I won't do
there is one love I should never have crossed
There is one thing I'm sure of
There is really nothing else I'd rather do
There is still a light that shines on me
There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
there will be a show tonight on trampoline
There will be an answer
There will be times when all the things
There'll be no sad tomorrow
There's a chance we might fall apart before too long
There's a place
There's a shadow hanging over me
There's no fun in what I do if she's not there
There's nothing for me here
There's nothing you can do that can't be done
There's nothing you can know that isn't known
There's nothing you can make that can't me made
There, running my hands through her hair
There, there's a place
These are words that go together well
These days such a kind girl
They are the eggmen
They call me on and on across the universe
They can see that he's just a fool
they can tell what he wants to do
They Georgia's always on my my my my my my my my my mind
They had to count them all
they have taken her away
They leave the west behind
They look just like to Gurus in drag
they make their way across the universe
They might as well be dead
they run and hide their heads
They said it wasn't you
They said you were not home
They say it's you birthday
They slip away across the universe
they slip into the shade
They slither while they pass
they tumble blindly as
they worry me and never ask me
they'd laugh in my face
They'd seen his face before
They're filled with tears
They're going to crucify me
They've been going in and out of style
Things that make me feel that I'm mad
Things we said today
Think of what I'm saying
Think of what you're saying
This bird had flown
This boy wants you back again
This boy wouldn't mind the pain
This boy, this boy
this could only happen to me
This happened once before
This is what I said tonight
this is what I'd say
This time I will try to show that I'm
this way
Though he may want you too
Though I know I'll never lose affection
though I spend my days in conversation
Though she was born a long, long time ago
Though the days are few
Though tonight she's made me sad
Thoughts meander like a
Through thick and thin she will always be my friend
Thursday night you stocking needed mending
til the end of time
till he's seen you cry
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again
till I walk out that door again
till she sees the mistake she has made?
Till they find, there's no need
Till we found a sea of green
Till we're together
Time after time
Time will pass away
To be where you belong
to earn his day of leisure?
To get you money to buy you things
To help with good Rocky's revival
to her
To lead a better life
to listen to you fears
to make a reservation
To make you mine, girl
To see how the other half live
to shoot off the legs of his rival
to the long winding road
To you, just call on me and I'll send it along
To you, to you, to you
Told her I would really like to see her again
Tomorrow I'll miss you
tonight, tonight
Took her home and nearly made it
Took her out and tried to win her
Towering over your head
Treasure these few words
Treat me like you did the night before, yeah
Treat me like you did the night before, yes
Treat me like you did the night before
tres bien ensemble
Tried to please her
Try to see it my way
Tryin' to get to you
Tryin' to make a dovetail joint
trying just to make you toe the line
trying to get to Holland or France
tu tu tu, tu, du tu
tu tu, yeah yeah yeah
Tuesday afternoon is never ending
Tuesday's on the phone to me
Tuned to a natural E
Turn me on when I get lonely
Turn my face to the wall
Turn off your mind, relax
Two of us riding nowhere
Two of us sending postcards
Two of us wearing raincoats
Two pound ten a week
understand it's true
Until I do I'm hoping you will know what I mean
Until I do I'm telling you so you'll understand
Until I find a way
Until the day I do love
Until then I'll cry instead
Vera, Chuck, and Dave
Very strange
Wait till I come back to your side
Waiting for a sleepy feeling
waiting for the sun
waiting for the tides of time
Waiting for the van to come
Waiting to keep the appointment she made
Waiting to take you away (2)
Waits at the window, wearing the face
Was I so unwise
Was I to blame for being unfair
Was she told when she was young
Was way beyond compare
Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there
Watching the skirts you start to flirt
way that you do
We all live in a yellow submarine
We all want to change the world (2)
We all want to change your head (2)
We can work it out and get it straight or say good night
We can work it out
we didn't know it was wrong
we gave her everything money could buy
We gave her everything we owned
we gave her most of our lives
We have lost the time
we hope you have enjoyed the show
We hope you will enjoy the show
We never thought of ourselves
We said our good-byes
We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim
We shall scrimp and save
we struggled hard all our lives to get by
We take a walk, the sun is shining down
We talked until two and then she said
We will never be apart
We'd all love to see the plan (2)