Political power play
in the Jason Bourne Films

Table of Contents

The Bourne Film Series
A Killing Squad with Legislative, Judiciary and Executive Power
Research Questions
Assassinations, Power Plays and the Special Interest
Rules and Regulations of Assassination
Gareth Morgan: Images of Organization
Sources of Organizational Power
Method Problems
Introduction to the Analysis
Corruption using a Position of Trust for Dishonest Gain
The Assassination of the Russian Politician Vladimir Neski
Ward Abbott killing Danny Zorn
Ward Abbott revealed by Jason Bourne
Analysis of the Power Play
Internal Power Plays in the Special Operations Section
The Assassination of Nykwana Wombosi
Analysis of the Power Play
The Assassination of Special Operations Director Alexander Conklin
Analysis of the Power Play
Newspeak for the Oversight Committee
Analysis of the Power Play
The Assassination of Station Chief Neal Daniels
Analysis of the Power Play
"A National Security Situation"
Dr. Hirsch Persuading Bourne
Actions against Jason Bourne
First Film: Castel and the Professor
Second Film: Kirill and Jarda
Third Film: Paz and Desh
Analysis of the Power Play
External Surveillance and Actions
"Beg, Borrow, Hack, Tap, Bypass!
"Every Dirty Little Secret"
The Assassination of Simon Ross
Previous, Successful Treadstone Actions
Research Question 1
Research Question 2
Research Question 3
Why Are the Bourne Films So Good?
David Conquering Goliath
Realistic Plot and Real Locations
Technology: Less Realistic
Some Weaknesses
A Real-World Mistake
Appendix and Notes